Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Top Challenge

Soooo, I've made alot of Clothing! Alot! Mostly for my children. I've never made myself anything expect for this (click it). Even that shirt was actually just a refashion. I made this one all the way from scratch - a big hunk of knit fabric. Well, I've been telling myself for sometime now that I was gonna enter the Made by Rae Spring Top Challenge. In typical Jen fashion the deadline is TODAY & I
got it done last night. Here ya have it. Do I look like I'm ready to go boxing!
Just checkin!

Thanks for dropping in!
Smiles & Big Love,


  1. Cute top Jen! You're stylin' as always!

  2. love it! it is SO you! (And the second thing I made on my sewing machine was for ME) :)

  3. Okay, I hope this doesn't offend you or anything but I just wanted to send you an FYI that in your banner tagline, wields is misspelled. I like your cute blog and I just figure if there was something spelled wrong on my blog (and there probably is) I would want someone to let me know.

  4. So... do you ever slow down? Wowzers, such talent! Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. You're a dear!
    BTW... I saw your tutorial on TT&J and I had to laugh at your gingam comment. I too used to hate it. Now it's growing on me. Hilarious.

  5. such talent! i love your darling creation.