Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Friends Breakfast

Years ago my oldest sister started a tradition with her kids called Friday Friends Breakfast.
For the last two summers we have adopted FFB at our house. Each of my kiddos gets to pick one of their friends and invite them for breakfast. Now this isn't just any ole breakfast - its FFB and that, is special. Every child has their own placecard, fancy dishes, fan folded napkins & of course only the most desired breakfast foods. Oh and lets not forget the streamers. I cannot tell you how excited my children are every Friday for this. It usually starts on Tuesdays with my 5 year old asking is it Friday yet Mom. I love to do this for my kids. However, let me tell you something about FFB that my sister shared with me and was the real reason I decided to do this. You never know what is happening in a childs home and how just inviting a child for breakfast on a Friday morning may be the brite spot in their week. I hope we are adding a brite spot to somebody's week. One thing is for certain my children will never forget and isn't that what summers all about - Making Memories! I say Yes!

Today we had Pan-Toast & sausage links for breakfast. Hello, am I the last to know about Pan-Toast. I didn't know what I was missing - Man- O - Man. Here's how you make it.

All it takes is

*a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix

* 1 egg

*enough milk to make a batter that is not quite as thick as pancake batter

mix it up well and then just dip both sides of your bread in it. It will be have a thick coating. Griddle it up and serve with warm syrup & butter of course.


Seriously, it just takes French toast to a whole nother level.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Canvas Lovin!

I just wanted to share with you a couple of canvas projects I've created.
Canvas is a budget friendly decorating solution & who doesn't love that.
This first project is my answer to NO headboard. When I was first married I was given my grandmothers bedroom furniture. It is lovely & old. The headboard was for a Full size bed. I guess back in the day they used to like to snuggle upclose. NOT I - don't get me wrong I love the hubby but I need my space when I sleep. I need King-size space. Thus the need for a headboard solution. Enter fabric covered canvas boards.
I'm sure you can figure this out but I just pulled the fabric tight and used my staple gun on the backside to make it secure.
Easy Peasy!

You will notice my hideous paneled wall here. Well, someday when my money train comes in that will be gone. Until that day let's try to pretend it isn't there. My gorgeous and talented sister Amy took these pictures of my darling kiddos for me. I didn't want anything to take away from them - ie: frames. Having things printed on canvas is pricey - you know this.
So, with my Jo-Annas 40% off coupons in hand I set out to buy some canvas boards in various sizes. First I painted all the sides and a bit of the front outer edge with black craft paint. Then after that was good and dry I covered the top of the canvas with mod-podge and situated my photo on top of that. Now you could put a nice layer of mod-podge on top of your photos but I didn't. That's it! VOILA!

Hope that money train comes soon - looks like my camera needs replaced too!
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Sorry - schools out ! I totally have soooo many things to share with you but the minute school got out we left for our family reunion to Yellowstone. We saw a Grizzly Bear - I Know - LUCKY! It was so much fun & by show of hands who loves their family as much as I do. Ha Ha fat chance! I've been busy designing a very special white dress for a very special little girl at my house - my head is spinning. I'm coming back I swear. ARe you still there - let me know!
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