Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just a Little Show & Tell

I just thought I would share this super cute idea that I found. I'm sure you've seen it already. Hello, this just makes giving Valentines sooo so much more fun. Don't my kiddos look super duper cute too! I edited the pictures in Picnik - if you don't know picnik - well , you should - it is soo easy and super fun to use. I even upgraded to premium membership because i love it so much and now when I say that I LOVE YOU more than Picnik you will know that the love I have for you is big time love. Right? Right!

*Oh and don't forget to imagine the big ole sucker we will stick in their hand for their classmates!

OK, now for some Show & Tell! 
For my birthday this year my good lookin hubby made me this beautiful dresser.  It's amazing - just like him!
We got the idea for it from Ana White but like everything my hubby does he changed it up a bit.

Oh and I just wanted to share a picture of the blanket I just finished for my daughters teacher.  She just had a baby boy.  Thomas James.   I'm loving the little doggy! 

Here's my V-day decor! 
Hey eighteen25 girls looks what I did with your printable!   LOVE!

Yup and here again in my entryway hall!  Poor lighting - sorry!

 Kar, if you read this - possesion is 9/10ths of the law -  Right!  
My good friend Karen made most of the stuff you see in this picture and she said to display it at my house while she was out of town - she wanted someone to enjoy it!  Thanks lady!  You might not get it back.

Here is my living room all made up for V-day!
Don't you love that heart pillow - you can find the tutorial on how to make that over at V & Co!  Darling & super fast to make! 

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentine Canvas Ideas

Sooo, have you seen all the darling free printables out there in bloggy land?  Yah, its crazy good!!!
It sure makes for cheap decorating.  So, I just wanted to quickly share with you what I've done
with some of mine. Can I first apoligize for my camera - Sorry!  Now that thats outta the way have a look.

This one above is actually one I paid for but it was cheap and too fantastic to pass up.  This is where I bought it if you want one for your little self. 
OHH OH and check out all their stuff because it's just darling and like I said cheap.

This one above you can grab here at less cake more frosting.  By the way I love her blog and her hair!
Tis True! It takes alot of Moxie to pull off that hair and I think she does it sooo well!

Ok, and the one above is not for Valentines Day but it's just down right fantabulous so I must share.
It's from one of my favorite bloggers  Cheri over at i am momma hear me roar.  She has it in a couple of color options too!  Thanks Cher!  Can I call you that?  Oh and if you wanna know how to make your own she just recently did a tutorial on that too - using Picnik. 

Alright its pretty self explanitory but what I did was:
First I sent the printables to Costco - My fave because they offer Lustre finish in one hour. Don't think anyone else does that and lets face it I'm impatient.  I did mine 8 X 10 size.  Ok, then I purchased an
11 X 14 size canvas at Hobby Lobby (can find them anywhere however).  I found some cute fabric at Walmart (that doesn't happen to often) and it was polkadots so I had to have it.
So you just lay your canvas on top of the fabric and leave plenty of space around the edges to wrap to the back.  You can glue it back there or use a staple gun.   Then I just covered the canvas with Mod Podge and I also put some on the back of the print.  Now just center it and smooth it down.  I then covered mine with more Mod Podge over the picture but you certainly don't have to.  I liked it liked this but I'm kinda crazy about adding flowers to everything so I quickly made up some and hot glued the little darlins to the top corner of the canvas.
Now if you notice on one of them I used newspaper (i especially liked the crossword puzzle section) to cover the canvas edges.  Just rip up strips and Mod Podge them randomly on the edges -wrapping them around the back and front a tad bit. 
Now get to it and let me know if you do any of them.  I would love to see them. 

OH OH and LOOK what I did with Cheri's tutorial on making your own printable.  It's not as great as hers but it's my first one so I think it's OK.  I'm the new Young Womens President in my ward and this is the Young Womens Theme.  I wanted to make it for the girls so they could do their own canvas.

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