Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Collage with Love From

These are my girls - my two oldest. Aren't they lovely? I adore them!
I just wanna share with you a little somethin that my oldest Little Miss made for me.
She is extremely talented in many areas but her greatest love is Art.
While her talent doesn't exceed her beauty it is amazing non-the-less!

I gave her a canvas & this is what she made of it!
I know, I know!!!!
I told you!!
Let's see those details shall we.
OHHH I love that creepy tree!
This will be displayed every Halloween season from now till the end of time.
Thank-you my girl!
Love you, Momma

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Friday, October 1, 2010

More Halloween Lovin - A Wreath Tutorial

I've never felt so on the ball - it's October 1st and all of my Halloween decorating is done. Don't know bout you but that never ever happens around these parts. I finished up this wreath yesterday and just wanted to share it with my bloggy friends. Saw a great tutorial for a wreath much like mine here at Craftaholics Anonymous and I was orignally going to make it but my mind got to spinning and I added a bit of my own touch to it.

So, here is what you need
A wreath form - got mine at the Dollar Tree
Halloweenish fabric scraps I used 5 different ones
about 3/4 of yard of Black Burlap
wooden letters B O O
purple paint & glitter
Hot Glue gun
I cut the burlap into 1 1/2" by 15 " strips
Then I cut the fabric scraps into 1" by 10" strips

First wrap the wreath form with some of the black burlap. I used a dab of hot glue at the beginning and a bit here and there along the way and then of course to secure it at the end.

Then just go to town on tying the burlap and fabric strips around your wreath form. Tie in a knot. For mine I would tie two burlap strips together and then 1 or 2 fabric scraps and then 2 more burlap strips .

You can fill in with the fabric scraps here and there if you think it needs it.

Then I painted my letters purple and when that was dry I mod poged the tops and covered them in purple glitter.
Once they were dry I glued my letters together in a pleasing manner - make sure and rub off the glitter where you are gluing them together. It will stick better.
I had tied my fabric and burlap strips so close together that I was worried about where to glue on my letters so I decided I would tie them on too. I used the ole loop pull through method to attatch the fabric to the letters. Then I just tied them to the wreath like I had tied the fabric strips. Easy peasy!

I wish my door was black but alas it is not and so red will do. I left the cobwebs on the door to make it more Halloweenish - Right!
Don't you just love Halloween & Fall & Crafting!
Well Don't you?

Hope your weekend is fantabulous!!!

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