Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just a Little Show & Tell

I just thought I would share this super cute idea that I found. I'm sure you've seen it already. Hello, this just makes giving Valentines sooo so much more fun. Don't my kiddos look super duper cute too! I edited the pictures in Picnik - if you don't know picnik - well , you should - it is soo easy and super fun to use. I even upgraded to premium membership because i love it so much and now when I say that I LOVE YOU more than Picnik you will know that the love I have for you is big time love. Right? Right!

*Oh and don't forget to imagine the big ole sucker we will stick in their hand for their classmates!

OK, now for some Show & Tell! 
For my birthday this year my good lookin hubby made me this beautiful dresser.  It's amazing - just like him!
We got the idea for it from Ana White but like everything my hubby does he changed it up a bit.

Oh and I just wanted to share a picture of the blanket I just finished for my daughters teacher.  She just had a baby boy.  Thomas James.   I'm loving the little doggy! 

Here's my V-day decor! 
Hey eighteen25 girls looks what I did with your printable!   LOVE!

Yup and here again in my entryway hall!  Poor lighting - sorry!

 Kar, if you read this - possesion is 9/10ths of the law -  Right!  
My good friend Karen made most of the stuff you see in this picture and she said to display it at my house while she was out of town - she wanted someone to enjoy it!  Thanks lady!  You might not get it back.

Here is my living room all made up for V-day!
Don't you love that heart pillow - you can find the tutorial on how to make that over at V & Co!  Darling & super fast to make! 

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  1. Jen, so cute! My V-days is up, but I need to copy some of your ideas to add just a little more vavoom! ;) Love you lady!

  2. Shut the front door!!! You're hubby seriously made that dresser??? Amazing! I Love the color, too!

  3. Thanks ladies! I know right - that's what I said when I saw it all finished! What a talented man I've got! Love him!

  4. Your house is always so friendly and warm. I wish you lived closer. I would come over just let my stress melt away.

  5. OHH Felicia, I'm sorry your feeling stressed! Come over anyway - I'll paint your toenails . All pregnant ladies need their toenails painted! Thanks for saying that by the way - you made my day!

  6. Oh Jen. That dresser, that V-Day decor! ah! I love it! Really, really I do.

  7. Love love love that dresser!!
    Just wanted to let you know that I'm passing the Versatile Blogger Award on to you. Visit my blog for all the details!


  8. That dresser looks awesome!! We were looking to make the same thing, but wanted it taller. Could you post the dimensions and mods your husband made? Thanks!

  9. That is a beautiful piece of workmanship. Jared-kudos to you. Jen- your Valentines are inspiring from start to finish.

  10. Everything is so cute!! I love that pillow!!!!