Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yes I'm Alive - Not that You're Still there! Ha!!!

I'm not gonna say much about why I haven't blogged in over a year but I had several good reasons.  However,  I would like to start checkin  in from time to time.   I thought I would just real quick like share my Anderson family's heirloom chair.  The hubby and I recently gave it a new life.  It used to be orange and tufted.  I love orange and I love tufted but this was just out of date.    SEEEE!    yah!

    I mostly wanted to share it to get some good opinions on what if anything you think I could add to it.   While I realllllly love the fabric and I am pretty proud of the hubby and I's job that we did on the reupholstering -  I'm not sure that I love the stark white of the wood.   What do you think ?   Should I antique it a bit with some dark stain rubbed into the cracks and dents.     ANY ideas???  


Don't pay any attention to that spray foam in the brick vent over there.  Great work honey buns!   I'm gonna paint that - one day!!!     We've done alot of updates in this room actually.   Hubby recently put in that mantel/shelf system over my fireplace for me to break up the brick.  It's wonderful - I'll share more on that later.      

Thanks for stoppin in!!!   


  1. Jen- I love it. I would definitely antique it with some stain. I blog too- but I was gone so long I think everyone left. The built-ins look great too. Glad you're back!

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  3. Jen, it looks great! I think you should give it some antique stain. So I must share this with you. My boyfriend owns an estate sale company and last weekend at one of his sales I found this chair that I thought would be a perfect accent chair for our living room. When I say perfect I really mean that the nuts and bolts of it is perfect and it's old so it's built well. But to be honest I do not like the color at all and well it's old. So it's perfect for what I imagine it could be. Anyway, here I am searching Pinterest now because I am on a mission to reupholster this chair (this will be my first time ever doing this). I am scrolling through the posts because the chair is not a common style. It's kind of a wing back but it doesn't have a removable cushion. Needless to say I scroll down and find your chair and it looks like the same style. I open your blog and OH MY GOODNESS! It's the same EXACT chair. Your's looks like the original fabric was in better shape though. Have you reupholstered furniture in the past? Was this chair difficult? Can you give me any tips please? Any help would be appreciated. I am kind of nervous that I might have picked the wrong type of chair for my first reupholstering project and I really have a great vision for this chair. Thanks very much!!!


    1. Hi there Kelli, thanks for your comment. My hubby has reupholstered things in the past but nothing quite like this. It was Not hard at all. HOnestly, the piping was the hardest part . just make sure that you carefully take it apart and keep all the old pieces for patterns for your new fabric. Also , take pictures as you take it apart to remember how to get it back together. I'd love to see some pictures of the chair. Good luck!