Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Friends Breakfast

Years ago my oldest sister started a tradition with her kids called Friday Friends Breakfast.
For the last two summers we have adopted FFB at our house. Each of my kiddos gets to pick one of their friends and invite them for breakfast. Now this isn't just any ole breakfast - its FFB and that, is special. Every child has their own placecard, fancy dishes, fan folded napkins & of course only the most desired breakfast foods. Oh and lets not forget the streamers. I cannot tell you how excited my children are every Friday for this. It usually starts on Tuesdays with my 5 year old asking is it Friday yet Mom. I love to do this for my kids. However, let me tell you something about FFB that my sister shared with me and was the real reason I decided to do this. You never know what is happening in a childs home and how just inviting a child for breakfast on a Friday morning may be the brite spot in their week. I hope we are adding a brite spot to somebody's week. One thing is for certain my children will never forget and isn't that what summers all about - Making Memories! I say Yes!

Today we had Pan-Toast & sausage links for breakfast. Hello, am I the last to know about Pan-Toast. I didn't know what I was missing - Man- O - Man. Here's how you make it.

All it takes is

*a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix

* 1 egg

*enough milk to make a batter that is not quite as thick as pancake batter

mix it up well and then just dip both sides of your bread in it. It will be have a thick coating. Griddle it up and serve with warm syrup & butter of course.


Seriously, it just takes French toast to a whole nother level.

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Big, Big Love


  1. No, you arent the only one who hasn't heard of Pan Toast....I may be the last becuase I've never heard but it sounds fabulous and I will def be making it for the kiddos. And seriously, the FFB is a great idea! WHat a great mom you are! I'll have to think about tackling that one...

  2. We JUST as in this very week started FFB. Thanks to Terri for the original inspiration and you for giving it the "Martha touch". Can't wait for Friday

  3. I have never heard of pan toast but I will be trying it asap! Thanks for the idea. And I love the FFB. What great memories you are making.

  4. I L-O-V-E this blog!! I love your canvas idea and will be copying it, and I also love the wallpaper in your kitchen. You have some great ideas on here. I'll be back:)

  5. pan toast!!!??? no. i didn't know either. i'm so excited for friday too now. er...just next time i cook breakfast

  6. i made it jen. It was a hit. and that is saying a lot considering my picky husband. :) thanks.

  7. this blog is very cool. I signed up to follow the blog to keep up with all

  8. I recognize one of those cute faces at FFB, and I think I might have to start that little tradition at our house now! That is right up my alley! So cute! I know it's January and I am just now getting to checking out your blog, but all of a sudden I have some time on my hands :) Love ya, Jen!!