Friday, April 2, 2010

Little Miss Creative

We come into this world with a desire to create. It is our job as mothers not to stiffle that creativity in our children but to encourage them to create. Isn't it hard though, at times, when they are making BIG BIG messes, when they are ruining their once nice shirts with glue and paint, when they are begging you to help them. When I began to feel this way my hubby always lovingly reminds me "She's just like you Jen, she just "has to" be creating!" I'm going to do better and not get so uptight when my daughter asks to use "THE BERNINA", or when my son wants to paint rocks. Just some thoughts off the top of my head.
My oldest made me these adorable magnets to display their school work under. Each one is attached to a clothespin. How adorable are these! Seriously so creative. No tracing or looking at anything just pure talent. I Love them! Thanks for making these for me my girl!
I'd love to hear your thoughts on letting your children create.

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  2. Paigey is so creative. Cal still says he is going to start up his book company with her name. I have a similar spirit at my house and I am determined to let her get messy and learn. I think I held-back too much with my eldest and perhaps stifled her creatively,but she found a way.

  3. Paige is most definitely a creative girl. Those magnets are adorable. Keep up the mentoring Jen.

  4. Hey Jen! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You comment about being a "lurking follower" totally made me laugh because that's how I am with most blogs, too. Anyhow, have a great day!

  5. Those magnets are absolutely brilliant, I love 'em! =)

    As for letting the kids be creative, that's simple; keep older/cheaper clothes specially for when they are being creative with things that get messy, stored with the messy supplies so that they'll remember to put them on. Also, designate a specific area for them to be artsy in, and make it mess-proof. Choose a corner, you can pin some cheap clear painter's plastic up around it, and use some painter's tape to tape it down on the floor. Heck you could even spend a little more and get a sheet to put over the plastic to make it look nicer and you could make an artsy looking "Art Corner" label (or whatever sounds good to you) at the top and then let them decorate it how they want with fabric paints, they could put handprints or paint pictures/designs, etc. Then put a little table & easel and whatnot on that area, a bin with the smock-clothes, all the art supplies, and so forth. Also tell them to take off the smocks before leaving the art corner. It'll keep the mess contained to that area, which will make you happy, and it'll give them a special art area, which should make them happy. =D