Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Easter Tree

I started a tradition about 5 years ago of bringing branches in from my lilac tree and turning them into an Easter/Spring Tree. The warmer temps inside my house had a forced blooming effect on the lilacs and they would always bud out and when Easter was especially late in the season the lilacs themselves would bloom. So pretty, but of course there was always a downfall. Just like all cut flowers, lilacs die and they always die before I'm ready to take down my Easter decor. This year I decided that I was going to bring in the branches but give them some paper love.

So, go out to your yard and don't forget your clippers. Cut down some branches from any of your trees - I am picky and I like to select the branches that have a bit of an out and upward curve to them - I think they make a prettier tree then those of the more straight nature. YOU do what you like of course - I'm just sayin!
Next, just go to work with some of your favorite scrapbook paper and cut , cut ,cut out tons and tons of leaves. I folded my paper wrong sides together and cut the leaves so that I had a front and back. The particular line of paper I used is called "Home" by the company My Mind's Eye. It just caught my eye because of it's Springy colors. If you have a die-cut machine this is where you would use it to cut out leaves - OHHH the time that would have saved. No really it didn't take that long. Pay no attention to the butterflies those were just scrap pieces I was using.

I used several different papers - probably about 9 different ones.
Now just start glueing them to the branches. I just sandwiched the branch inbetween the two identical leaf shapes. You can use any quick drying glue that you prefer. I didn't use hot glue but you could certainly try it. The particular glue I used was Martha Stewart "Create" gel adhesive. I bought it at Walmart.

I glued a leaf to every single branch. At first I didn't have as many but my hubby walked by and said , "Babe, I think your tree looks a bit fallish and it needs more leaves." I had to agree and went to work cutting and glueing. I think it gives the tree some nice interest if you angle each leaf a bit different than the next.

Here's the finished product complete with Easter decorations. Sorry , my wallpaper is sort of distracting from the tree. Click on the picture and you can see it better.

Now, if you want to make some Easter eggs to hang on your tree they are super duper easy. I just cut strips in varying sizes out of one of my favorite lines of fabric and then mod podged them to a plastic easter egg. You know, the kind you fill with goodies for your kiddos. Then after I had the egg all covered in fabric I let it dry for a bit. Then, I did a final coat of mod podge and wrapped a ribbon around the egg and secured it to the top with a dot of hot glue. Leave enough ribbon up top to dangle from your tree. Easy right. I bet you have tons of those plastic eggs lying around. Now if someone could just come up with something creative to do with all that blasted Easter grass that gets spread all over your house at Easter.

Feel free to ask any questions . Always happy to help.
Big Big Love, JEN
Oh and Happy Spring!
You know what I just thought of - wouldn't it be cute to also add some paper flowers to the branches or crepe paper flowers. If I get to that I will post a picture.
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  1. okay you super cute girl you have inspired me to modge podge my plastic Easter eggs. Love the project it looks great.

  2. Love that tree! Who can I get to make me one?

  3. I think I could do this! And I cant do much in the crafty world. This sounds like something that requires creativity not skill and you gave me the idea so I could possibly do the rest. Thanks Dangerous.

  4. I love your new blog!

  5. Super great new site, Jen! And way to go, Emily!

  6. Yes. You did it Jen. This looks so fabulous. Em did a marvelous job on the design. I am positively drooling on my computer keys. Great idea- I started my own Easter tree too. Sometime you should invite links to other peoples projects.... an archive of photos perhaps? Will you have a matching icon button that others can post on their blogs?

  7. I love this tree! I think I might try to make one, but spray paint the branches white. I have plenty of pattern paper that isn't feeling loved lately! And I have a question that has nothing to do with the tree... Where did you get that gorgeous wallpaper?

  8. Alexandria, thanks for checking out my blog! It's fun to have visitors. Cute idea on spraying the branches white! I got my wallpaper from Sherwin Williams last year. Isn't it lovely - I love it too! Thanks much!

  9. I really do love the wallpaper, but I think my husband would veto the idea of putting any up. Stampin' Up sells a stencil that kinda looks like that, so I may try painting it on a wall in our room as an accent wall. If I mess up, I can always paint over it, right?

  10. Very cute, and great idea to use branches from your yard! Thanks for linking up, have a great weekend!

  11. Darn you and your damn good ideas. oops on the swears. But seriously - Tom welling doesnt know what he missed out on :)

  12. Hello! Just discovered your blog and can I tell you how much I LOVE this???? I can't believe it's taken me this long to find this fabulous idea but I MUST whip it up tonight! I have to. I'm also going to follow you because I love your crafty-ness!

  13. Hi Jen!

    I just love that tree! I would love for you to do a tutorial on my blog! Do you want to do one for April 28th? Let me know and I will pencil you in!

    Did you have a nice trip visiting your sister?


  14. Hi
    You’ve been chosen to receive a “One Lovely Blog” award by {ME}! Please visit my blog to claim your award.
    Jenn :)

  15. I love your easter tree!