Friday, September 17, 2010

Big Big Thanks

I know , I know, I've been missing for a long, long time around here but things are slowing down a tad and I'm back. First things first, here is a big thanks from my good friend Heather regarding all the talented and generous ladies who donated to the Cure JM benefit auction.

I want to give a special thanks to all of the lovely ladies who generously donated to the Cure JM Auction that was held on September 10, 2010 in Hillsboro Oregon. It really warmed my heart each time a package would arrive on my doorstep. Each hand crafted items was made beautifully and crafted with love. Many people have never heard of Juvenile Myositis unitl now and not only did they want to know more about the disease they wanted to help us in our quest to raise money to help fund the necessary research for a cure.
I have never been to an auction before this night and let me tell you that there was so much energy, so much excitement and so much love and hope being generated. Each item had multiple bids and although I don't know the exact amounts each item sold for I am happy to share that The Cure JM Foundation was able to raise close to $20,000.00 that night. This is amazing and I have each of you who donated to thank.
I would like to give a special thanks to the following people:

Jen & Mitzi of Double sided apron, Large quilted hand bag and small book bag
Cheri at Cardigan, leather diaper clutch, head band, 2 boys shirts, pink onsie with knit collar and little girl blue skirt, little girl pink skirt with flowers
Jennifer at Burlap magnetic board, 2 burlap bracelets, a burlap necklace and a burlap pillow case
Brittany at $20 gift card to her Etsy shop

Thank you so much for writing about The Cure JM Foundation and inspiring and encouraging followers to donate their lovely items to such a worthy cause. Because of you we received items generously donated from:

Emily C. from Sew Super Sweet in Texas 3 waiste aprons
Tricia J. in Idaho 2 prints of her watercolor paintings
Amber F. from Baby Threads and Such in Tennessee Diaper bag, winter hat, little girl shirt, and soft baby square toy
A. Taylor in Wisconsin soft red baby blanket
Shelly B. in Texas Knitted teddy bear, knitted baby girl hat w/flower, knitted worm and apple, knitted pear and snail and a cloth doll
Laura W. in Utah Cute baby onsies with and elephant on one, and a pear on another and a stiched necklace on a onsie with a skirt.
Lisa J. in Oregon 2 refinished 1970 style chairs.

Thank you ladies for your hard work and generous heart. Thank you for giving to a worthy charity. Thank you for raising awareness about an orphan disease. Thank you for Crafting for a Cure. My heart is full. You made a difference in the lives of these young children. From all of the volunteers at the Cure JM Foundation and from the bottom of my heart, we thank you.

Heather Dallmann

Thank-you ladies what an amazing job you've done, you've made a difference in the lifes of many.
Big Big Love,


  1. Thanks for posting this Jen. Please forgive me readers and donaters if I got anything wrong. I was going off of memory. But a Big Big Thanks indeed.

  2. Congratulations Jen- Maybe someday when I grow up I will be crafty like you. I had no idea you had done a post with a photo of my favorite apron until this morning.(I have been gone for far too long. I am working on making one (with help) for a friend. Reminded me how much I love it.