Monday, May 10, 2010

A Word About Being A Mother

Being a mother is not the easiest thing in the world! Am I right?
Being a mother is the most rewarding job there is.
Being a mother is emotional.
Being a mother is accepting the differences in your children with open arms.
Being a mother is constant joy & sorrow.
Being a mother is all I ever wanted to do.
I wanted the perfect mother's day shot & I have decided this is it.
I love the nose picking, the happy clapping, the slouch of I don't want to sit here & of course the happy child.
I LOVE being a Mom! What a blessing.

Wanted to share with you what I gave myself for Mother's Day this year. Don't laugh, alot of you bought your own Mother's Day gift - I know you did. Oh and don't judge because Mr. Holyoak bought me a bush (just what I wanted) & did everything & I mean everything for me.
Sunday morning I got up and said to myself, "By darn Jen you need something fun to wear to church , I mean come on it is Your day." So I concurred with myself and went to work on my garage sale find. It was this skirt that I bought for a buck. While it was cute - it lacked spunk. I just dolled it up a bit with some frayed , layered applique. Wanna know more about that technique then you should definately visit the D.I.Y. dish. It was super easy!

OH and don't forget to use my tutorial and make yourself a matching corsage pin.
I know Mother's Day is over but do it anyway. You deserve it!

Hope your Mother's Day was as wonderful as mine was!
OH and Mom, I love you to pieces!
You're the reason I always wanted to be a Mom -you just made it look so fun!
Love & Smiles,


  1. hi just found you through anj- {multi-purpose wings} and was *sold* & became an instant follower when i saw you that you sew & dance in the kitchen!!

    melissa :)

  2. Hi Jen. Another Jen here! I just found you over at Miss Sew & SO and I'm so glad. I love your creativity and how you spruced up your skirt. I'm also peeking behind you in your photos and love how you've decorated your home. And I'm crazy about that 1st photo of you with your kiddos. Nice to meet you. I'll be back again soon.
    :) Jen

  3. Jen- The skirt is adorable. I love your creative spirit it makes you so much of the person that we all love. The photo is a "true" story and those are the best kind, especially when you can see appreciate them

  4. I love what you did to the skirt! It really gives it a whole new look. Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day!

  5. You are too cute Jenn!! I have that skirt too - it is so much cuter with the fun flowers on it!

    I am glad you had a happy mother's day! And a bush sounds great. My hubby bought me burlap shoes. can you believe that??