Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nautical Necklace T-shirt

UM, excuse me, did you see these over on Get Your Craft On! I fell in love instantly & didn't waste one minute getting the stuff I needed to make one for my little Miss!
Go over to Lynette's blog if ya wanna know how I made mine.
I haven't added the bling to mine yet but I'm gonna.
My only regret is that the red isn't as true of a red as I wished for. It's the only one they had. AW well!

it really does look pink in this picture. It's not so bad in person.

My brown haired girl didn't care what shade of red it was - she was just happy that I made her something.
p.s. I just picked this shirt up at Wallyworld for $3.50 ish! I will say this though, it has a slight gather at the neckline and that made it a bit of a challenge to get the dots painted on. I say go for a completely flat shirt - you'll save yourself a bit of time.
Now go make one.
Do you think an adult could get away with wearing one of these?
I might try.
Big Big Love,


  1. Jen...I love it!! I love the nautical look...great job! I'm wondering if an adult can get away with it too...i think i might try :)


  2. also super cute! I've really got to break out that freezer paper...

  3. Absolutely Jen! I thought it was for you when I first saw it too. I love your use of stripes and the red w/ yellow flower. ooh so cute.

  4. Adorable!! I'm over from Tatertots & Jello, love your blog! I'll def. be back to visit again :)